Product Description

7517           A bronze flower vessel of globular form with a short neck, decorated with mottled patina

Japan, 20th century, Shōwa period

Dimensions:  H. 10.5 cm x Diam. 10.5 cm (H. 4¼” x Diam. 4¼”)

Tomobako (original box) inscribed:

Lid: Hanshido kabin (bronze vase with mottled purple patina)

Lid interior: Yoshihisa and sealed Yoshihisa

Sealed Yoshihisa to the base

This small, elegant vessel has a rich, mottled purple patina – this type of bronze is known as hanshido. The bronze is formed using lost-wax process, fired at a high temperature and taken out from the kiln once the surface has oxidised. It is then polished to reveal the unique, beautiful irregular patterns formed by chance. The colour of hanshido is believed to deepen and become richer over time and use, a feature much appreciated by collectors.