Preview at Brussels: 16 – 22 June 2021

7 Place du Samedi 1000
Brussels, Belgium
(by appointment)

Online: from 1 July 2021

In our inaugural exhibition at our new space in Brussels, we bring together artworks which embody ‘abstract spirituality’ from different places and times. Over the centuries, artists from numerous cultures have strove to express transcendental ideas via physical forms through their relentless creative endeavours, connecting mankind with spirit. It is not surprising therefore that many have chosen an artistic idiom of abstraction to materialise the metaphysical concept of spirituality.

A case in point is the Japanese post-war artist Suda Kokuta (1906-1990). Realising the essence of Eastern philosophy and Zen is not something of concrete form, he produced abstract paintings from the 1950s to the ’70s in an attempt to express this intangible universe. The same can be said of many works produced by artists form Africa, Oceania and other parts of Asia.

In presenting them side by side, we hope to convey how abstraction and spirituality are universal: the powerful, inspiring works shown here create a dialogue which transcends time and space.

Participating galleries in the preview, Brussels :
Galerie Flak, Cédric le Dauphin, Montagut gallery, Granier Ancient Art, Joaquin Pecci, Olivier Larroque, Adrian Schlag, Eric Hertault & Gregg Baker Asian Art

By appointment:
+32 468 00 56 85