Product Description

7295     Kano Natsuo (1828-1898)

A miniature book bound with Japanese textile, each leaf painted in ink and colour depicting scenes of nature, plants and small animals.

Signed: Natsuo

Japan 19th century Edo period, 1866*

Dimensions H. 2¾” x W. 1¾” x D. 1” (6.5cm x 4cm x 2cm)

Woodbox inscribed:

Lid interior:

Kafu Natsuo sonen saku, Taisho kyu nen shoto, Kano Akio (Painted by our patriarch Natsuo at his middle age, attested by Kano Akio [Natsuo’s son and pupil] in the early winter of 1920) with seal

1st page: water lily

2nd page: two water skippers

3rd page: a crane chick hatching from its egg

4th page: arrowroot

5th page: rindo (Japanese gentian)

6th page: an ear of wheat

7th page: Soya beans

8th page: water hyacinth

9th page: a branch of willow tree and moon

10th page: bamboo shoot

11th page: kaki (persimmon) fruit

12th page: two pinecones, date and signature, Heiin Koharuzuki (the 10th month in the Chinese calendar, 1866) Natso, with seal*