Product Description


A two-fold silk on paper screen painted in ink and colour with a Geisha tuning her shamisen on the balustraded veranda of a tea house. The Bijin (beauty) is formally dressed in a plaid kimono with a cherry blossom patterned obi, her hair adorned with numerous combs and ornaments. To her left are a lantern, lacquered shodana (display cabinet), sakazuki (sake cup), sake pot, and a celadon bowl.

Seal: Takaaki

Japan 20th century Taishō period

Dimensions: H. 171cm x W. 188cm (67½” x 74¼”)

For a similar example of a painting of a Geisha see: Drama and Desire; Japanese Paintings from the Floating World 1690-1850, p. 163, pl. 44.