Product Description

7500           Takahiro Atarashi (1934-2004)

A black Kanshitsu (dry lacquer) flower vessel of geometric form.

Entitled: Ao (Blue)

Signed: Takahiro

Japan 20th century Shōwa period

Dimensions:  H. 38.5 cm x W. 23.5 cm x D. 9.5 cm (15¼” x 9½” x 3¾”)

Tomobako (original box) inscribed:

Lid: Sō. Kanshitsu kaki. (Blue. Dry lacquer flower vessel)

Lid interior: Takahiro saku (Made by Takahiro)

Seal: Takahiro

Takahiro Atarashi (1934-2004) was born in Toyama prefecture and in later life became honorary professor of Kanazawa College of Art, Ishikawa prefecture.

In 1976 he exhibited at the Nihon Shin Kōgeikai (Japan Craft Society) and in the same year organised the first Nihon Shin Kōgeiten (Japan New Arts and Crafts Exhibition) and was given associate membership.

Takahiro was later invited to exhibit at the Nitten (The Japan Fine Arts Exhibition) and received the Tokusen (Speciality) award in 1979 and 1989.

Works by the artist can be seen in the collection of the Tonami Art Museum, Toyama.