Product Description

7395 A tankin kaki (hammered) bronze flower vessel of oval form

Signed: Kōkan saku (made by Kokan)

Japan 20th century Shōwa period 1959*

Entitled: Nagisa (Shore)

Dimensions: H. 9¼” x W. 17¾” x D. 8¾ ” (23 cm x 44.5 cm x 22cm)

Tomobako (original box) inscribed:
Lid: Nagisa tankin kaki (Shore. Hammered bronze)
Lid interior: Shōwa sanjyuyonen haru Kōkan saku (Made by Kōkan. Spring 1959*)
Seal: Kōkan

Kōkan Kataoka (1928-1988) studied metalworking under Kōshun Hiramatsu (1896-1975) an important figure in the applied arts of the Kansai region who along with Banura Shōgo (1901-1982) and Nishi Daiyū (1923-2013) co-founded the Gendai Kōgei Bijyutsuka Kyōkai (Contemporary Arts and Crafts Association) in 1961. Kōkan was a member of Gendai Kōgei Bijyutsuka Kyōkai (Contemporary Applied Arts Association) and Nihon Kinko-sakka Kyokai (Japan Metalwork Artists Association) and exhibited regularly at these institutions.

Works by the artist can be found in the collections of: Tokyo University of the Arts Museum, Tokyo

For a similar vessel entitled: Nagisa no Uta (Poem of the Shore) and bearing a cover see: Sōritsu Daiikkai Nihon Shinkōgeiten (1st Japan New Applied Arts Exhibition), 1979, pl.242