Product Description

4426 A rattan and bamboo chabon (tea tray) of circular form, finely woven in herringbone pattern, the outside edge inset with bamboo.

Signed: Yamamoto Hikotarō (Chikkosai)

Japan 19th century Meiji period. Made in 1891.

Dimensions: H. 1¾” (4.5 cm) Diam. 11¾” (29 cm)

Tomobako: signed Chikkosai sei
Seal – illegible

The cover of the box is inscribed by a merchant of Arima (Hyōgo Province) with biographical details of the artist. The inscription reads:

Made in mid September, Meiji 24 (1891)

Yamamoto Hikotarō of Goshamura, Settsu Arima county, Hyōgo prefecture.

This vase is made by Chikkōsai, who makes tea trays using woven bamboo. He does not make these for money.

After the Meiji Restoration his worked was exhibited in domestic and foreign expositions and he received awards.

Both Chikkōsai and the dealers were pleased and so he continues to produce such works.

Chikkōsai’s prized tea tray.

From an Arima county merchant.

Regards, Yoda Keizan.