Product Description

7024 A ceramic dish with three styised trees.

Seal: Hachirō

Japan 20th century Shōwa period circa 1960

Dimensions: H. 2″ x Diam. 10¾” (4.5cm x 27cm)

Suzuki Hachirō (1915-2005). Born in Seto a city known for its ceramics since the Heian period (794-1185) he joined a potter’s group led by the versatile artist Fujii Tatsukichi (1881-1964) in 1939 and went on to become a very well respected ceramicist. During his carrier Hachirō went to Manchuria to further study ceramics and he later built an anagama (medieval style kiln) giving him the ability to fire his work in the traditional manner. He held numerous solo exhibitions at various department stores in Japan from 1975 and published a book on mediaeval Seto ware in 1980.