Masterpiece 2017, London

7399- A red lacquer tsuitate (standing screen) decorated with an ushi(bull) and a flying bird, made by Shinsaku, Japan, 20th century Shōwa period.

6422- An uchidashi (hammered) iron flower vessel of abstract form by Ochi Kenzo, Japan, 20th century, Shōwa period

7322- A bronze sculpture entitled Kizashi (Omen) by Tagashige Mori, signed and dated 1956, Japan, Showa period

7373- A bronze sculpture of an abstract form signed: K. Katsu (artist unidentified), Japan 20th century circa 1970, Showa period

7348- An ink on paper calligraphy entitled Shoku (Belonging) by Inoue Yūichi, dated 1976, Japan, Showa period

7412- oil on board by Suda Kokuta, dated 1963, Japan, Showa period

7414- mixed media on canvas by Suda Kokuta, dated 1962, Japan, Showa period

7170- Solution de Continuite (Solution of Continuity), oil on canvas by Hisao Dōmoto, dated 1963-64 Paris

7386- sakuhin (work) by Toko Shinoda, ink and colour on silver leaf, Japan, Showa period

7446- gouache and mixed media on paper by Suda Kokuta, circa 1959, Japan, Showa period

7136- A carved wood figure of Jizō Bosatsu standing on a lotus base, Japan, 9th-10th century, Heian period

7289- Kō (Suburbs), oil on board by Takeo Yamaguchi, dated September 1972, Japan, Showa period

7493 A bronze flower vessel of irregular square form entitled Tani (Mountain stream) by Shūgorō, Japan, Shōwa period

7216- oil on canvas by Suda Kokuta, dated 1961, Japan, Shōwa period

7254- Sakuhin 10 Jyōge (Work 10 Up Down), mixed media on canvas by Suda Kokuta, circa 1955, Japan, Showa period

7064 A wood and polychrome painted sculpture entitled: Kaori (lit. fragrance), painted in colour of a seated bijin (beauty) looking down at a kōro (incense burner) held within the folds of her kimono by Nakatani Gankō, Japan 20th century Taishō period

7397- A framed lacquer panel with a school of various fish entitled: Katsu (Living) by Onaga Tamotsu, Japan, Shōwa period


Summershow 2017
Beetween the Lines by Suda Kokuta