Product Description

6707 A bronze flower vessel of mimikuchi (ear-mouth) form with a band of lappet decoration to the neck.

Japan 19th century Meiji period

Dimensions: H. 33cm x W. 57cm (13″ x 22½”)

Mimikuchi (ear-mouth), is a type of bronze vessel which takes its name from its shape, it appears to have no Chinese antecedent and therefore is believed to be of purely Japanese design. The earliest known examples appear in a 16th century publication on flower arranging by Senkō II, the famous master of Ikebana (flower arranging).

These vessels are sometimes referred to as tsurukuchi (crane-mouth); the word tsuru is read in its alternative form and derives from the large bow-like handles seen on bamboo baskets used for flower arrangements.

For a Mimikuchi vase with similar decoration see: Flower Bronzes of Japan, p. 80, pl.41.