Product Description

7185     Hyakunyo Jihō (1731 – 1804)

A paper kakemono (hanging scroll) painted in ink with a skull and bones

Inscribed: Mercy. Children are treasures. The path will open if you follow Buddha’s teaching. The world is full of hindrances and doubts but also hopes. When you see the smoke rise from the funeral pyre, tomorrow may be your turn.

Signed: Hyakunyo

Right: Hakuhōdō (lit. The White Phoenix Hall)

Left, upper: Hakunyo

Left, lower: Shōmon Jihō

Japan 18th century Edo period


Scroll: H. 125cm x W. 67cm (49¼” x 26½”)
Painting: H. 34.5cm x W. 57.5cm (13¾” x 22¾”)


Hyakunyo Jihō (1731 – 1804)

Hyakunyo was born in Omi-cho of Shiga prefecture and entered the Tendai sect complex on Mount Hie where he spent most of his adult life before returning to his home at Omi-cho. After his return he built a small temple and became an important part of the local community. Hyakunyo often painted for his supporters as a token of his gratitude.


Works by the artist can be found in the collection of: the James and Marilynn Alsdorf Collection, USA