Product Description

7048                A two-fold paper screen painted in ink and colour on a gold ground with fuji (wisteria) in full bloom on a bamboo trellis.

Japan 16th/17th century Momoyama period

Dimensions: H. 177cm x W. 199cm (69¾” x 78½”)

Fuji has been celebrated at viewing parties held in Japan from the late Heian period, a tradition which continues today. The wisteria’s trailing racemes of purple or white flowers lend themselves to a wide variety of presentations, and are one of the most popular decorative motifs used for family crests.

For a set of fusuma (sliding door) paintings with a similar design from the Kano School in the collection of Daian-ji temple, Osaka, see: Tsugiyoshi Doi, Momoyama Decorative Painting, The Heibonsha Survey of Japanese Art, Volume 14, (New York / Tokyo, 1977), pl. 112.