Product Description

7399 A red lacquer tsuitate (standing screen) decorated with an ushi (bull) and a flying bird. The bull is in black lacquer, his eye inlaid with raden (mother of pearl) and the bird is rendered in namari (pewter) with details in coloured lacquer. The reverse is painted with a sagi (egret) amongst water reeds

Signed: Shinsaku Zō (made by Shinsaku)

Japan 20th century Shōwa period

Dimensions: H. 43¾” x W. 48¼” x D. 11” (110.5cm x 122cm x 27.5cm)

Higashibata Shinsaku (1913-1978) was born in Kitamuro, Mie Prefecture and studied lacquer ware at Kyoto City University of Arts graduating in 1937. His work had been selected by the Bunten (Fine Arts Exhibition of the Ministry of Culture) while he was still in his student years (1936) and after the war in 1947 he joined forces with various urushi lacquer art associations such as the Kyoto Shitsugei Sōjinsha (Kyoto urushi lacquer association) which was founded in 1945 by the prominent lacquer artist Banura Shōgo (1901-1982).

In 1960 he won the Hokuto Award at the 3rd Nitten (Japan Fine Art Exhibition) and in 1963 served as a judge at the Nihon Gendai Kōgeiten (Japan Modern Applied Arts Exhibition). In the same year he became the director of Kyotofu Kōgei Bijutsu Sakka Kyōkai (Kyoto Applied Artists Association) and also joined the Kyoto Sitsugeika Kyōkai (Kyoto Urushi Artist Association).

Higashibata won the Kikka shō (Chrysanthemum Award) in 1965 for his exhibit at the 8th Nitten and he went on to serve as a judge for the same association the following year.

Works by the artist can be found in the collections of: Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art

For a 1965 lacquer panel by the artist entitled Shafts of Light please see: Crafts in Kyoto [1945-2000], the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto and the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, 2001, p.145, pl. 165