Product Description

7341    A hanging scroll painted in ink on a silk ground with the moon emerging amongst clouds

Entitled: Oborotsuki zu (Hazy Moon)

Signed: Ippo

Seals. Mori-in Keishi, Shikō-uji

Japan 19th century Edo period


Scroll: H. 69¾” x W. 15½” (177cm x 39cm)

Painting: H. 39″ x W. 14¼” (98.5cm x 36cm)

Mori Ippo 1798-1871. A Shijo painter, Ippo was born and lived in Osaka. He studied under Mori Tetsuzan (1775-1841) who later adopted him. In about 1850 he executed some of the paintings for the fusuma of the Imperial Palace, Kyoto. He was an admirable painter of birds and even more so of landscapes, he also produced scenes of Osaka life rendered in an unconventional manner.

Works by the artist can be found in the collections of: Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois; Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts, Victoria and Albert Museum, London and Worcester Art Museum, Massachusetts.