Product Description

7190      A paper kakemono (hanging scroll) painted in ink with three dancing skeletons

Signed: Roku jū san sai Suiran (63 year old Suiran*)

Seal: Kanji characters for the four seasons and peach, chrysanthemums and bamboo.

Japan 20th century Meiji period *1905



Scroll: H. 76½” x W. 13½” (194cm x 34cm)

Painting: H. 42¾” x W. 12¼” (108cm x 30.5cm)

Tsuji Suiran (1842-1912) was a female Nanga painter born in Akita Prefecture who specialised in kachoga (painting birds and flowers). She was said to use only her left hand when handling everyday objects at home and her right hand only when painting at her studio.