Product Description

7018  A multi-coloured glazed ceramic iremono (box) with two sections in the form of a cluster of shells the largest being an upturned awabi (abalone) and the other a sazae (horned turban) resting against a closed clam encrusted with barnacles. Each one has a separately fashioned lid decorated with different varieties of crustacea interspersed with seaweed.

Japan 18th/19th century Edo period

Dimensions: H. 5¼” x W. 12¾” x D. 11″ (13cm x 32cm x 27.5cm)

Label on awasebako (fitted box): Haritsu saku kaizukushi (Made by Haritsu. Assortment of shells)

n.b. The attribution to Haritsu mentioned on the label of the awasebako can only be considered as a reference to the style in which this box was made as without a signature it is not possible to confirm whether this piece is or is not by the artist.