Product Description

7779       Takuma Murakoshi (b. 1954)

A large Shigaraki pottery vessel with a short neck, two handles and four feet, as if imitating a man whose hands are on his hips and feet apart, a reddish-brown body with rough texture incised and decorated in a thick green and brown ash glaze dripping down

Japan, 21st century

Dimensions: H. 22 cm x W. 27 cm x D. 17 cm (8¾” x 10¾” x 6¾”)

Tomobako (original box):

Lid: Titled Ganbaru Man (Doing my best), signed Takuma and sealed Hyogemono-ya and Takuma

Takuma Murakoshi was born in Aichi prefecture in 1954 and by the age of 24 had found his way to becoming a fulltime potter under the tutelage of Takehira Umehara in Kyoto. Favoring the rough textural qualities of Shigaraki clay he founded his own kiln in 1997 in the Kiyomizu area of Kyoto and in 2002 moved to the more remote spaces of Nagaoka in North Western Japan. Murakoshi is an artist whom eschews commerciality and prefers to live simply, concentrating on his work. However, the quality of his pieces has been recognised by the pottery world in Japan and he has held many exhibitions at leading Tokyo galleries.