Post-War Abstract Paintings and Sodeisha Ceramics of Japan

1 October – 30 November 2019

in conjunction with
Frieze Masters London (2 – 6 October)
Asian Art in London (31 October – 9 November)

Gregg Baker Asian Art is delighted to present our special exhibition which brings together the work produced by the revolutionary ceramic art group Sodeisha (Crawling through Mud Association) and those of two masters of abstract painting Key Sato (1906-1978) and Kokuta Suda (1906-1990) whose paintings often included sand, pebbles and gesso, giving a ceramic-like texture.

Selected Artists
Key Sato (1906-1978)
Kokuta Suda (1906-1990)
Osamu Suzuki (1926-2001)
Kazuo Yagi (1918-1979)
Hikaru Yamada (1923-2001)